How To Pick the Perfect Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Your Next Project


I am currently evaluating various WordPress themes for some upcoming projects. These notes are being updated as I review theme descriptions.

What is right for one project may not be good for another.

General Questions

  • Is the theme compatible with Gutenberg? Or — was it built for Gutenberg? Does it support all Gutenberg blocks?
  • Does it use Gutenberg core classes?
  • Is the theme developer committing to long-term support? Gutenberg has not yet been released. Are they committing to supporting the theme for a period of time following the release? Does the developer have a history of theme development or is this the first theme?
  • What plugins are required for the theme to work? Are there any references to page builder plugins? Does it require plugins by the developer?
  • Is demo content included? To what extent? Depending on the design and one’s technical skills, having demo content can be a way to start to learn.

If upgrading an existing site
Additional considerations:

If starting a site from scratch

What is missing from this list? Do you have a WordPress theme that you would like reviewed? Drop me a note!